Hey Everyone … Just a quick update.  I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Christian Media Association chapter meeting in Fort Worth this Monday, Aug 4th, 2014.  Come support this great event.  ~  Nathan  Event info here


Capernaum is back in action for Passover this year.  If you’ve never visited the beautiful park we built between 2005 and the present, please go see it!  Pictures and video here on the blog and at http://www.Pillowstone.com  ~ Nathan


A first-century village will come to life this weekend to tell the story of Christ this Easter season.

“Over the years, we’ve really been fortunate to grow and develop Capernaum into a really special place,” said Tammy Lane, who created the village on her family’s ranch in Parker County. “That, combined with so many trained actors, makes for an event that’s as authentic as you’ll find anywhere.”

Capernaum Village, which is located just north of Peaster — nine miles north of Weatherford — is an outgrowth of a deep commitment to the Christian faith. Lane doesn’t try to conceal the fact that the Passover Experience in Capernaum Village is an evangelical tool. But, it’s more than that, too.

“It’s something that you wouldn’t get anywhere else,” Lane said.

At a passion play, you’re in the audience watching actors tell a story, Lane said.

“At this experience, you’re in Capernaum,” she said.

Guests walk through the village and pause at various spots, peering into buildings, even slipping into rooms and becoming part of the action, Lane said.

“It appeals to all the senses,” she said. “There are sights, sounds, smells, they even get to taste things.”

That would be the Seder experience, where Messianic Jews teach about the passover feast.

“You get to taste the elements of the Seder, like the bitter herbs, the unleavened bread,” Lane said. “They teach you what all of it means.”

The teachings are so vital that they’ll stick with most guests, because virtually all of the people with speaking parts in the Passover Experience are professional actors, said Kina Bale-Reed, owner of Cast-O-Matic in Dallas.

“A realistic and genuine village like Capernaum requires actors who fit that same level of authenticity,” Bale-Reed said. “Just as you would do for a film or a TV show, we spent a lot of time in the casting process making sure that each and every actor was prepared to transform themselves into a first century villager.”

That’s a departure from previous events at Capernaum. In years past, volunteers did OK with their characters; but the actors brought in by a casting company are capable of presenting a more realistic performance, Lane said.

“Watch out for the Egyptian soldier,” she said. “He’s a mean one. He’s driving Israeli slaves, but he might decide to come after someone in the audience.”

Beyond evangelism, Lane’s driving idea has been to teach guests what life was like in Biblical times.

Included in this experience is “what the very first Passover was like, what the plagues of the first Passover were like,” Lane said. “Especially the plague of darkness, it’s something you just have to go through. I heard someone during a dress rehearsal say ‘Now I understand what it means to have darkness you can feel.’”

Even with so much Old Testament stuff, Lane promised that guests “will hear the gospel. It teaches what the Passover is, what it means. It’s all about Jesus, because Jesus is the Passover lamb.”

Long a part of the Capernaum experience is a scene in The Upper Room. It’s still Passover, but it’s the last Passover the disciples get to spend with Christ — The Last Supper.

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Read more here: http://www.star-telegram.com/2014/04/11/5728770/visitors-step-into-parker-county.html#storylink=cpy


When an average day of creative energy might have me building sets for a random movie, painting drops for a theatrical set or helping a friend with a screenplay, consulting on the renovation and management of a fitness center was one of the most Normal things I’ve done in fifteen years.  Visit www.TheGEM.cc to see another pet project that was developed in conjunction with The Park Hill Church, a DFW Christian organization determined to build something like a YMCA.  

Deep in the heart of Texas – near Springtown, lies a GEM of a Gym.  Now a 30 thousand square foot facility with an indoor pool, gymnasium, theatre/studio, Fitness Center, and a teaching kitchen.  This combination of spaces creates room for fitness and wellness programming, cooking classes, children’s theatre programming, in a community center environment.  

My wife, D’Lytha (one of DFW’s working actors/teachers) and I were invited to jump into the creative renovation of the space as well as into the discussion/creation and eventual management of the inner workings of the facility including the fitness and after-school programming.  

I was able to do some creative masonry work around a beautiful stained glass window as well as assist in the overall master-plan for the property.  I was later invited to serve as the interim Executive Director for the first year (we rounded year one August 1st, 2012), and D’Lytha was asked to serve as Director of Arts Programming for the first year.  We now have 500 active memberships, and over 50 kids in after-school theatre arts programming.  We are zooming along and seeing the huge blessing that this facility is now to this community.  visit the website to see more!  www.TheGEM.ccImage

Clinn Rippy wraps up!

After a long multi-year shoot, Who is Clinn Rippy will finally wrap later this winter.  We hope to have the film shopped on the festival circuit next year.  Check out the link for previews.

Hey everyone… This is Tammy’s Story of how the Majestic Statue Garden came into being.   Glad to share a glimpse of our work from 2008-2009.  Enjoy!

So, I’ve been a little out of pocket in regards to blogging; sorry for the long quiet. D’Lytha and I moved to Denton Texas for the year (she’s teaching middle school up here this year.) We had a significant transition while keeping up with daily work — blogging went out the window!

I have continued to plug away on Clinn Rippy, which will wrap principle photography in early 2011. http://www.whoisclinnrippy.com

I am producing a cooking show pilot for Brenda Carol (a DFW based cooking guru), I also helped my wife build and paint the set for her production of School House Rock Live, jr.

And I just finished Art Directing a short film for Director Holly Rice. The Film is called ‘Shell Shock.’ Trailers are posted at http://www.shellshockmovie.com

Who is Clinn Rippy? Teaser from Traveling Bandito Films on Vimeo.

If you’re wondering what We’ve been up to…. check out the link above!

We had a wonderful Christmas season and finished the Bethlehem Star Experience with Tammy Lane Productions.  We are currently preparing the finishing touches for the Walk Through The Bible Statue Garden and hope to have all the details in place by April 1st.  We are still negotiating the budget and making decisions about what to include and what to leave out of our original design.  For example, we’ve intended to build a top on our Mount Sinai behind our Moses statue, but we could probably live without it.  I’m sure we could live without many of the items on the list, but we’ve submitted our dream budget for completion and are hoping for approval.

Also, right now, I’m helping Epicstar Pictures, Inc.  produce Shance Ryan Brentham’s (Traveling Bandito Films) feature Mocumentary, “Who is Clinn ‘Rippy’?”  This involves numerous endeavors outside the production design department, making phone calls, arranging locations and wearing lots of hats.  Copy and paste this link into your browser–Shance has the embed function diabled on his site otherwise I’d post it in here.

The film is dry and quite funny thus far and I’m having a great time helping make it happen.  There are a handful of other hovering projects involving Epicstar as well as some other companies.  With the new year comes lots of mysteries and unknowns, but I’m enjoying the adventure.

“Fear Jehovah, you His saints, for those who fear Him lack nothing.” Psalm 34:9

Hey everyone!  Wow… are we moving quickly!  We are racing to December 2nd trying to pull the Walk Through The Bible together for our opening.  We have multiple plates spinning simultaneously:  The Eastern Gate, The House of Doors, The Red Sea Cossing, Egypt, Sinai, Eden… There’s lots to do in 2.5 weeks, but we’re going to squeak into our event.

The Bethlehem Star Experience opens to the public on December 2nd, 2009.  Tickets for sale at the door or now at http://www.TammyLaneProductions.com

Come check it out!  Here are a few pics to tempt you!  Thanks to Pete Canfield for some cool pictures

Call on Pete for all your photography needs.  pacphotography@charter.net

This marathon continues and now we’re into October.  I have less than 40 days of working time and more work to do than is humanly possible;  thank goodness we have providence on our side!  The last week and a half has been nothing but rain and mud, but we’ve still managed to pour multiple concrete slabs and even move –almost all of the statues into place.  We had a landmark day today lifting Moses into place on Mt. Sinai, Adam and Eve set into Eden, and The praying hands into place in our receiving area.  The last hurrah will be David and Goliath once we’ve ‘painted’ our way out of the ‘temple maze.’

I hope you’ll come out at Christmas and check out this exhibit when it officially opens to the public.  It’s going to be an exciting time and a wonderful blessing to everyone who gets to experience it.  The Bethlehem Star Experience is from December 2nd through the 20th, Thursday through Sunday each week from 4:30pm till10:30.  Ticket information is available at http://www.TammyLaneProductions.com

Also check out my new domain at http://www.NathanDMyers.Com or NathanMyers.net  There are multiple ways to get there.